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Tips to keep your hard floor clean

Flooring is a significant part of your home or office and it clearly makes a statement to see a good hard floor well maintained. This is not an easy task and therefore we have found a few tips that will help you in this undertaking.

Daily dusting

It is good to dust or sweep your hardwood floor every day, especially using a microfiber mop. This material creates static electricity, which traps particles and dust and even helps you get rid of allergens. This daily task will help you protect the floor from scratches.

Weekly maintenance

Once in a week you should vacuum and mop your hardwood flooring. Unlike the daily dusting, this time pay special attention to areas that are harder to reach, such as corners or under the furniture, where dust and other particles usually gather. Make sure to vacuum or mop them well. Don’t use a lot of water when cleaning because wood doesn’t take it. Use a small quantity of special hardwood cleaning detergent to keep your floor shiny.

Monthly polishing

Every month or at least once in two-three months it is recommended to polish your hard flooring. The wood usually has some sealer applied to protect it from scratches and from accumulating dust. So, this finish needs to be taken good care of, and polishing is the answer. It is not a difficult task and helps fill microscopic dents and scratches. You should always use a proper polisher and test in in the corner just in case it triggers some undesired reaction.

Yearly deep-clean

Deep-cleaning or sanding and refinishing the hard flooring is recommended every year or every 2-3 years. Because of the regular wear and tear and despite our proper care, hardwood floors get deeper dents and scratches and part of their sealer is removed. That is why they should be refinished or sanded on a regular basis. Make sure to get a professional Monster Cleaning Crawley do the job and you will enjoy your hard flooring much longer.

Use protective rugs and door mats

Shoe soles care a lot of street dust, debris and moisture, which will have a negative impact on your hardwood flooring. Therefore it is highly recommended to use door mats in front of your front doors, so that people can wipe their feet before going in. the longer the rug the better, since about 8 steps are necessary to remove any dust or sand or other debris form the soles of the shoes. You can also place area rugs in the places with highest traffic – thus you will delay a bit the wear of the hardwood flooring.

If you follow these main tips you will have stronger and shiny hard flooring for quite a long time. Make sure to always use detergents that are appropriate to your specific hard flooring in order not to ruin it and try to dust your floors as often as necessary.