It was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip. I wanted to see the African wildlife "just this once!" So, off Nils and I went for a holiday in South Africa.

What we didn't plan for was falling in love with the country and the people. On our return to real life, South Africa continued to work her mojo. We went back again and again.

And now, after many combined decades as urban professionals, trying to be faster than the competition, more powerful than the other corporation, ready to leap tall buildings at the snap of a client's finger, we succumb to South Africa's enchantment. In mid-July, we moved to our 67 acre (27 hectare) farm in Kamberg Valley in the Drakensberg Mountains to face the most formidable challenger of all (wait for it): Mother Nature! 

We dream of combining:

  • our love of food: preparing, eating, sharing it, and now growing it. We want to understand what real quality means, and to know that what we're consuming has been grown or raised naturally, with love, and without harmful industrial food production practices,
  • our curiosity to see how sustainably we can and are willing to live. We're committed to making sound choices and decisions in order to live more naturally and responsibly, while still enjoying advantages and amenities of modern (<= please note emphasis) life,
  • our dedication to making an impact through a training and educational program to support rural economic development in our area. Through a one-and-a-half year-long personal project called "52 Weeks of Impact", making a difference became an integral part of our lives. We want to continue our work with a single, more focused effort. 

In the process, we hope to serve as a successful model for others seeking their own next life adventure — though probably also providing a long list of "what not to do"s.

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Hi! I'm Corinne.
After many years of meeting challenges of the corporate world as a (moderately) Type-A city gal, I embark with my DH, Nils, on a completely different adventure in living.

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*Sawubona means "Hello" in Zulu.
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